Step Eight

 (sometime in the future),
you get in touch and we do it all over again!

Step Seven

You receive your order and are super happy 

Step Six

Once your order is ready and good to GO, and the balance is settled, I will post everything to you by next day Special Delivery. 

Step Five

It can vary from 7 days for a small digital file order to 8 weeks for an album with a lot of images. The average turnaround time is 3 weeks. 

A deposit of 50% is payable when you place your order, with the remaining 50% payable when it is ready, but BEFORE it is posted to you.

Once your order is placed, the processing and editing time will depend on what you order. 

Step Four

The images will be watermarked, and you will have access to the gallery for 1 week, during which time your order must be placed. During that time, I am happy to chat to you about different packages, help you make image choices, and offer any guidance to make the ordering process straightforward for you. If none of the collections available suit your requirements, please let me know and I am happy to put together a bespoke package that suits your needs.

There is no need for you to come for a viewing, as I understand that this can be inconvenient with the busy lives we all lead. 

Step Three

The shoot takes place, we have a fantastic time and you walk away excited to see your images. 

After a maximum of 3 weeks (on occasion it can be sooner), I will send you access to an online, password protected gallery where you will be able to view all of your images. 

First Step

Step Two

Your session fee is payable in full when you book your shoot, along with a £100 deposit if its a studio shoot, or a £500 deposit for a home shoot. The deposits (not the session fee) will be fully redeemable against your final order.

Assuming you are happy with everything, we will get a date & time booked into the diary. 

Please drop me a line and let me know a little more about you. What you are looking for, do you have any specific ideas - we can have a good chat to establish if I am the right photographer for you. 

At this stage I will also send you a full price list so you can see the packages available. I am happy to chat and answer any questions on the phone, via email or please complete the Contact Form.  

Explore the galleries, read thIS section and if you love what you see get in touch! 

Here I will give you an overview of exactly how I work from a timeline and process perspective.  I will also give you  a ballpark figure on pricing.  Please complete the contact form for full pricing info.

I believe in absolute transparency and I think it's super important that all the information is supplied upfront to avoid any later surprises.

the process

So how does it all work?



At my fully equipped Hampshire studio or location nearby




In London, on location or at your home




All expenses charged at cost + fee for every day out of studio


The session fees coverS my time in taking and preparing the images for you to view, and do not include any images. 

Session fees vary on whether they take place in a studio or nearby location, or your home. 

The minimum order for studio & location sessions nearby to the studio is £595 (not including session fees) and for sessions at your home or London locations the minimum order is £1195 (again not including shoot fees).

Session fees are as listed above, and as well as payment of the session fee, a deposit is required on booking. 

The deposit will be fully applied to your final order, and it's 50% of the minimum order. 

 So for example, if you are booking a local shoot (at my studio or on location), you would pay £195 at the booking stage - £195 represents the session fee (not redeemable) and £100 is the deposit. The £100 deposit will be taken off your final order. 

If you are booking a shoot in London, the minimum order is higher, so at the booking stage you would pay £795 - this is made up of the £295 shoot fee and a £500 deposit. Again, the deposit is fully redeemable against you final order ( but not the shoot fee). 

Although I work on weekdays only, I occasionally offer Saturday morning shoots, please enquire for availability & pricing. Saturdays carry a £100 supplement for studio, and £125 for home shoots.

Please note that I am unable to pencil in dates, hold dates open or reserve any dates out of the diary, without prior receipt of the appropriate fees.  

the small print



Head on over to our FAQ's for even more detailed info.

Or head on over to the CONTACT FORM to obtain full price list.