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Update and Katherine sneak preview

on my progress! It’s not been a good week. Not at all… I came back from my few days away in Brighton to a completely dead computer – black screen, just not working. After a bit of to and fro’ing to the Apple Store they finally got the machine working (it was a failed graphics card). But ever since, my internet connection has been non existent – one minute it’s working, next minute it isn’t. Uploading anything is virtually impossible. So having spent about 10 hours in total on the phone to BT, I have decided that a change is due. I am having my lovely new router fitted next week by Virgin and they are promising a 50mb connection so it should be lightning fast! Time will show, but anything is better than the pretty pathetic 2MB I get out of BT.

Unfortunately due to the Internet and email issues everything has been at a standstill, including uploading proofs and fulfilling orders. As I print in house, and my printers are networked I need an internet connection to be able to print. I have had a little bit of progress tonight and the internet has been working for a full hour so far, so will just need to wait and see what happens. 

To top the IT issues off, I banged my little toe ( just found out it’s not broken so at least that’s good news) so half my foot is black and bruised, and tomorrow morning I am having more emergency dental surgery as my remaining 2 teeth implants are going to be removed as my body has rejected them. And of course we have half term too… So, please accept my apologies if I have been slow in coming back to you – it’s all been very stressful , but I hoping to get myself back on the straight and narrow over the upcoming couple of weeks. If you have sent me an email and i haven’t responded it’s probably because I haven’t received it – please do resend. Email and internet and still likely to be slow and sporadic until next Wednesday.

As a result of the volume of enquiries and bookings I am forced to put on a session freeze for May – I simply cannot take any more bookings at this point, unless you need a newborn session (babies under 10 days) , or I have already sent you and email with a date. Therefore I am now taking bookings for June onwards.

Thank you all for your patience, and if you have a spare moment please send some good karma my way – I need it!

My first catch up sneak preview is below – this is a session I shot a couple of weeks ago in Maida Vale with the lovely Katherine, aged 17. Although I normally stick to babies, it was lovely to work with a young adult , and Katherine was fab to photograph. We had a fun, relaxed session and I am hoping that the images reflect what mum was hoping for – to capture the essence of Katherine and her joyful personality.




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