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Printable Wall Art

You may think this is random subject to write about on a portrait photography blog – but it isn’t!

A quick back story:

You may not know this, but I started my journey into photography at college. I chose a photography GCSE alongside my A levels, and ended up spending most of my spare time in the darkroom. After I started working – in financial services, photography was forgotten for a while. When my daughter came along, my love for photography came back. So I practiced – on my daughter, and on florals! My career as a portrait photographer subsequently took off (you can read the full story here). I had little time left for photographing as a hobby.

Nature, for me was always my escape. I was brought up in a seaside town, with the forest on my doorstep. Much of my childhood was spent playing outside. As an adult, especially in the last 10 years, being in nature is my preferred way of spending free time. Especially if it’s by the sea, a lake or in a forest. It’s therapeutic, it brings you back into the present moment and I just love it. Working with flowers is the same – it’s just very calming, and soothing for the soul.

This is when IN YOUR ROOMS comes in.

Over the years, I have amassed a huge amount of photos, that will never see light of day. Unless of course , I do something about it. So my “Lockdown project”, (since photographing little people wasn’t an option), was to finally look at what I have – and make a plan!

The world is changing – many things are now done online, and done digitally. IYR will be my little corner on the internet where I will upload the images that I think could brighten up somebody’s walls, and they will be available to buy in digital file format. This simply means that you will not be buying anything physical, but a digital image that you can then get printed yourself. This could be on your home printer or through an online lab. Or it could be taken to your local printer if you prefer. I realise there are millions of images available online already, but it’s the same with art. Artists don’t stop creating just because there is lots of art out there already! The same goes for photography or any art from.

I believe we all have a unique way of seeing the world.

All my images are my own work. They are a mix of photography, digital art, and actual art I create myself, mostly alcohol inks.

The shop has has only just opened, so there are limited listings in there for now. I have a huge job on my hands uploading everything, so it will take months, maybe even years!

I would love it if you checked it out. And if you ever struggle with Christmas or Birthday gifts – a piece of wall art always makes a great pressie!


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