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Good morning….10k, really?

I was greeted this morning with a call to tell me that my portfolio has made the papers. Great, I thought, its nice to be able to show your work. Sadly the excitement was soon killed by the fact that the accompanying text has been somewhat twisted, and apparently I now charge £10,000 for my services. What can I say – I wish that was true! But its absolutely not. As per my website states, my average client spends anything between £750 – £3000.

So whilst I don’t feel I need to justify what I charge, I think this is an excellent time to do a post about pricing, something I have been meaning to do for a long time. But not right now…I shall put some thought into it, so pop in in a couple of days and no doubt I would have had a chance to spill my thoughts onto paper…

But, for the skeptics  – please remember professional photography is a luxury good – just like many other things in this world. It is not for everyone, and everybody puts a different value on it. There is a huge range of services on offer in the marketplace – starting from £10. And just like choosing what supermarket you shop in, and where you buy your clothes, your choice of photographers will be based on price and quality, and how much you value photography itself.


  1. Sally McGann says:

    Your photos are BEAUTIFUL! I will admit that I have looked at them due to the article but they are stunning and worth every penny! The families they belong to are very lucky!

  2. Donna Simpson-Strange says:

    Oh wow!!!! Your work is remarkable, your talent is unheard of and I only wish we had known about you when our little baby girl (Poppy Dot-now 16 months old) was a newborn!!! I will definitely be saving your details for when we choose to expand our family!! We live in the New Forest and so wouldn’t have far to travel to meet you!

  3. Natalia Gibbs says:

    Maria , you are most delightful person to deal with and we enjoyed our session a lot, you certainly know what you are doing and are amazing the way you deal with babies and children. The pictures are absolutely stunning , I cannot wish for any better , it is like art and if you appreciate art you know good art doesn’t come cheap!! Boo to the paper reporters! Thank you ever so much for capturing those precious moments of our children

  4. Serena says:

    Dear Maria, I just saw a selection of your photos on an Italian newspaper (I am Italian) and I simply adored your “bambini”! You have taste and a special sensitivity in your gaze, a feature not many photographers have when it comes to babies. My husband is also a photographer, so I speak from an aware perspective. I am six months pregnant, I wish we could meet you and organise a session of his and your portraits 🙂 All the best! Serena


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