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Indeed the time has come to close my diary for this year – it is bursting at the seams and already I seem to be working until 4 am every morning! It has been an incredibly busy year and there are lots of changes planned for next year, including a bit of re-branding ( yup – again), amendments to the product range and lost of other exciting stuff. The studio will be closed this year from the 17th of December until the 6th of January, when I will be catching up on my sleep and enjoying some well deserved family time.

If you have a newborn due in the New Year and you are reading this – please, please if you do wish to book , do it sooner rather than later. This and next week has been incredibly busy for new babies, and I have had lots of enquiries on newborn photography. Sadly, I could not accommodate most ladies, and this is mainly due to one or both reasons –

* the sessions were not pre – booked, which simply means I have no space in my diary

* a lot of the calls I get are when the babies are already a week /few weeks old. I must re-iterate that I completely understand that to a new mummy and daddy at this stage the baby is still a newborn. But in photographic terms , the newborn stage is over once the baby reaches 10 days or so, although sometimes this can be stretched out a few days more. The best time for newborn photography is between day 4-10, ideally day 5/6/7/8, and this is when best results are achieved. Even if your bubba is really small, the newborn session can only be successful when we have a very sleepy baby. An every single day your newborn becomes more and more alert, and not so easy to settle into a deep sleep.

So, if you would like a session – please book well ahead – please do not leave that call until the last minute as the chances are I won’t be able to help. I am now booking for January – there are less than 10 sessions left! The next available weekend is in February.

So just to finish this post off here is an image of a very sleepy, milk drunk little newborn – enjoy!



  1. Chanelle says:

    Maria, you are doing so well. Your images are so fantastic, can’t wait to see the re-brand!


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