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Featured business – Wrightson & Platt

Sooo….I have been meaning to do this for some time, but never seem to get around to it! I finally did though, and that’s what counts. I am pleased to say I will be featuring some fellow baby associated businesses on my blog every couple of months. There are so many lovely items out there, especially newborn associated so I thought it would be nice to give some more insight as to what they offer. And there may even be a little discount code for some of them – please get in touch is you want to know more. And feel free to get in touch if you would like to get featured in future post!

First up – Wrightson & Platt. They are the creme de la creme of baby casting and offer some amazing pieces. My favorite is the glass rainbow panel – you really have to see it to appreciate it – the amount of detail is incredible.

I met Alison, who is the commercial director at the pregnancy show earlier this year and she was kind enough to answer some questions for me.

Tell us a little bit about Wrightson & Platt and what you offer?

We’ve taken baby hand and feet casting to a new level by creating sculptures and jewellery that are of the finest possible quality in terms of detail and design.

We produce full-size 3D casts in bronze, silver and glass as well as perfect miniaturised hand and feet jewellery in silver, gold and platinum.

We are UK-based, but have international casting artists in the USA, Hong Kong and Dubai and are exploring other locations where there is a demand for this type of luxury service. It’s our dedication to quality that has gained us the reputation as the best in the world in our field.

What makes you the best in the business?

We have our own in-house casting artists, sculptors and plaster restoration artists who are all absolute perfectionists.  By keeping key parts of the production process in-house we are able to ensure that we can guarantee the highest quality.

We also have some techniques and suppliers that give us an edge over the competition – these are obviously closely guarded secrets!

What kind of clients do you work with?

Well, the prices we have to charge for such fine work do mean that our clients tend to be wealthy.  We have a lot of referrals from The Portland Hospital who we have a lovely relationship with, and from other private maternity hospitals and midwives in London and internationally.

Obviously, client confidentiality is vital when you provide this type of service, so I can’t mention any names but our client list includes A-list celebrities, premiership footballers and royal families from around the world.

What’s the best bit about your job?

It’s such a pleasure to work with families who are so excited about their newest arrivals – and who really value the pieces that can produce for them.  The feedback is lovely!  We also love meeting our families again when the next baby arrives – and seeing how much the first baby has grown.

How do you get the inspiration to make your products unique?

We get a lot of inspiration from our clients, who often have a clear idea of the piece that they want to commission.  This is particularly the case when they want to capture their special bonds in a family sculpture like the one below which features grandparents and their new twin grandchildren:


Tell us a bit about how a casting works

Our casting artist comes to the client’s home or even to the maternity ward and brings all of the casting equipment and a wide range of samples so that the client can choose the design and material that they prefer.

The casting is very quick and easy – we use an organic material called alginate which is mixed with water – and we simply pop the hands and feet into the liquid for a couple of minutes until it sets.  And that’s it – we have the casts!  They come back to our studio in London where we start the process of creating the customer’s bespoke sculpture or jewellery.


Now please show us images of 3 of your most popular products!

wrightson & platt

Glass Rainbow Panel £7,500 (smaller panels available)

wrightson & platt

Patinated Bronze Baby Hands and Feet (from £750 for a pair of feet) & Sterling Silver Mini Feet Pendant (from £1950)









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