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A little update – digital backdrops, a beautiful boy and other stuff!

Sooooo, I feel like this blog post is so long overdue. Ok I admit it, I fell off the blogging bandwagon some time ago. Not intentionally as I have always felt like blogging is imperative to keep Mr Google happy, but mainly due to a lack of time. Between running a super busy studio, trying to be a wife , a mum , and actually getting any sleep there really isn’t much time left for anything else. So I have decided – no more excuses, I will simply blog when I can and stop feeling guilty about – life is just too short – I hope you still check in now and again!

Today’s blog post covers a few things – firstly please check out the images from a recent shoot of this gorgeous boy and his sister. Love the neutral colour palette we used and in love with that first image especially – nothing better than a strong black and white image, my favorite. His big sister was amazing with him, and overall we all had a lovely time.

Now…see those other images? The boat with bunnies and the cute little fox in the Eucalyptus nest? Let me tell you a secret….this sweet baby boy was never actually in those! Yup, I can see my lovely clients, and clients-to-be looking perplexed. No , its not magic ( ok maybe a little) – but those shots are done post production. So I photographed this little man in the correct lighting, correct pose and on the right kind of background – and popped him in the prop later. You may I ask why? Well there are plenty of reasons for doing that, but in a nutshell it means that your newborn baby has to go through a lot less posing and being moved from prop to prop during the session. Nicer for them, less stressful for you. I can now provide you with so much more variety in regards to image choices and even create sets prior or after the sessions ( although there would be a charge for bespoke set ups). A lot of the sets are created from fresh flowers so they only last a short while and realistically I would never have enough space to store all of these props. I think its amazing how so many new things are possible and it really is great fun – it will never replace beautiful, natural photography but it makes an interesting addition. And if done well, you should never know its a composite image.

The good news, is that I have made my sets available for other photographers to purchase. So if I am too far away from you, unable to accommodate you or simply not in your price range, all is not lost! I have just over 180 backdrops in the shop with more to come. All you need to do is ask your photographer to purchase one or more of your choice (or you can do it on their behalf) et voila! However please ensure that your photographer has got the ability to work with Photoshop and layer masks Рthe compositing process has to be done well for the image too look realistic.  The secret lies in knowing the end result Рthat way the original shot can be taken with the finished image in mind. I do provide a private Facebook group for photographers who purchase my backdrops, as well as some free tutorials to help them out. However this process is not for beginners  and I do not offer composite services ( but I do know someone who does). The shop is located HERE.

If you are a photographer and reading this ( and probably thinking, why would she do that?). Well there are plenty of babies to go around and I love creating those sets – so very happy to share them with the world. From a photographers point of view it opens up so many options – it lets you stand out from the crowd, its amazing when you get a fussy baby and all you can do is take images in a wrap ( as you can still offer your clients plenty of variety) , and of course the space saving & the savings you make by not having to buy new props are fantastic too.

Ok so thats covered – last bit of house keeping – the studio is now closed and reopens on the 19/4. I have also now closed my diary and not taking on any new bookings until the 2nd week of September, the first date available is the 7th September. So if you are due towards the end of August onwards please do make sure you get in touch soon after your 20 week scan to reserve your spot. Take care and have an fantastic Easter!





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