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Beautiful mama to be – family and pregnancy photography London, Hampshire & Surrey

There are so many things I love about pregnancy photography….the main thing being is how you can be creative and every client tends to have their own idea on how they want the images to look.

I never pre- plan pregnancy photography sessions.

They are organic, what happens happens – and the shoot tends to be a mixture of mummy-to-be’s ideas and things that randomly pop into my head. This particular mummy wanted glamorous shots, so thats the vein I shot the session in – and I am sure you will agree she looks fabulous. It was also great that mummy brought along big-sister-to-be, she was as great in front of the camera as her mummy! If you are pregnant and have other children, its lovely to bring them along to the session.


1. Find a photographer that you feel you can trust – recommendations and word of mouth tends to be the best way!

2. Make sure you chat to them on the phone before the session so you are clear on how they work and that they are open to your ideas as well as their own.

3. I always find it helpful if my clients show me example images that they like – there is no point shooting lots of images on a bright pink background for example, if you prefer muted, natural colours! The more information you provide as to what you like, the better.

4. Make sure that you are well, and rested when you arrive. If you are feeling unwell it might be best to rebook the session.

5. Make up is best kept natural, so mascara and a bit of lip gloss are plenty enough – it’s nice for your natural beauty to shine through

6. Don’t worry about lumps and bumps – we all have them! A good professional photographer will make sure that you are placed in the best possible light, and will help with posing so the images will show your best features, and your bump in a flattering way.

7. Photoshop is there to fix small imperfections. Therefore please make sure any clothing you wear is clean and has been ironed – retouching my subjects is included in image pricing, but retouching fluff from jumpers and sorting out creased clothes is an extra, and chargeable service. And if you are looking to have nude images, please do avoid a tight bra before your session.

8. Make sure you have some snacks with you –  maternity sessions can be tiring, especially if you are in the latter stages of the pregnancy, so its important that you keep your energy up.

9. If you have other children, do bring them with you – and daddy too if possible. Its lovely to get a few images of the whole family awaiting the new arrival. If you are bringing a toddler, please make sure you bring another adult along too, so your little one is looked after and you can fully relax when having your individual pictures taken.

10. Last and not least – enjoy! Pregnancy photography is still not as popular here as it is in the US – and I think because it’s just a less common thing to do. But I have sooooooo many mummies that come in for newborn sessions and tell me they really regret not having a pregnancy photo shoot.

Really the biggest key is back to point number one – you need to find a photographer that has empathy, make you feel comfortable and relaxed, and understand that you may have some insecurities. Being a mummy myself, and having been through pregnancy I know what it feels like – and there was no way in a million years I would have had my photo done when I was expecting. 11 years on, I DO regret it – especially as my daughter always asks why there aren’t any more pictures of her in my tummy. I literally have 3 pictures from the whole pregnancy and the phrase “beached whale” springs to mind – at least that’s how I thought I looked.

Thinking back now, I understand that those images would have never been meant for me – but for my daughter, who’s favorite thing ever is to look through old photo albums.

And when she, one day, is expecting her own baby it will be a shame that I won’t be able to show her what I really felt like when I was waiting for her. I might have thought that I looked huge, and I didn’t feel great about myself. But what I FELT was anticipation, joy, maybe a little bit of fear at what was too come. But mainly happiness, and love for the little bundle I was about to bring into this world.

And those are the things that I WISH I had a professional photographer capture.




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